At Casa Pieper, we are dedicated to breathing new life into your cherished vintage watches. Our expertise lies in the repair, service, and restoration of vintage watches from various brands. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your timepiece receives the care it truly deserves. Every step of the process is meticulously documented, including high-resolution pictures and videos upon request.


Here's how our watch restoration service works:

  1. SEND IN YOUR WRISTWATCH When you send us your wristwatch, we'll review your service request and promptly get in touch with you. We'll provide information about availability, cost estimates, and the expected turnaround time.

  2. THE SERVICE PROCESS Once we've discussed the details and received your approval, we'll carry out the service according to your preferences and the original technical service documentation. Your watch will be in capable hands throughout the process.

  3. SERVICE COMPLETED After the service is complete, we'll carefully package and ship your serviced wristwatch back to you, fully tracked and insured. Our commitment extends beyond the service itself, as we offer a 2-year guarantee from the date of service completion.


  1. COMPLETE SERVICE / OVERHAUL Comprehensive cleaning of your watch, including the case, wristband, and intricate movement cleaning.

  2. WATCH REGULATION Precise control of watch accuracy and regulation using professional tools and techniques.

  3. WATCH MOVEMENT RESTORATION Repair of broken components or replacement with genuine spare parts, ensuring the integrity of your watch's movement.


Please note that the provided prices serve as a general guide and may vary based on the condition of your wristwatch:

  • Service of mechanical watches: 180 EUR + VAT
  • Service of automatic watches: 220-270 EUR + VAT
  • Service of mechanical chronographs: 220-270 EUR + VAT
  • Service of automatic chronographs: 280-500 EUR + VAT
  • Professional polish of watch cases and bracelets: 50-150 EUR + VAT

At Casa Pieper, we treat each vintage watch with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring it stands the test of time while preserving its historical value. Your vintage timepiece deserves nothing less.