Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Ref.16800 Matt Dial with Papers

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The Evolution of Elegance: The Transitional Submariner

In the twilight of the 1970s, Rolex embarked on a journey of innovation, ushering in an era of enduring durability and captivating aesthetics. The signature of this period? Robust sapphire crystals gracing their timepieces. Enter the realm of 'transitional' models, a bridge between eras, where the past harmoniously met the future. These horological gems emerged, adorned with matte dials reminiscent of their predecessors – akin to the distinguished dials that once adorned plastic glass watches.

Among these treasures stands the Transitional Submariner Date, a beacon of elegance and craftsmanship. This masterpiece boasts its original matte dial, adorned with a patina that unveils the passage of time, entwining its narrative with that of its wearer. The hour plots, gracefully aged, find kindred spirits in the lume of the hands. An exceptional find, these dials in such pristine condition are akin to horological relics, as many met their fate replaced by glossy dials during servicing. The bezel inlay, a testament to the evolution of style, has gracefully faded into a captivating hue of blue. Enveloping this treasure is a case of remarkable strength, marked by the robustness of its lugs.

The journey continues with the solid link Oyster bracelet reference 93150, a statement of both form and function. Its remarkable condition, amplified by a clasp stamped 'VE,' is augmented by reference 501B endlinks, seamlessly connecting the heritage of Rolex's past with the ingenuity of its present. Each tick of time, each nuance of movement, has been meticulously scrutinized by our watchmaker, ensuring that this masterpiece stands as a testament to both history and innovation.


  • Reference 16800, an embodiment of Rolex's legacy
  • 40mm steel case, a canvas for artistry and functionality
  • Serial 58xxxx, a chronicle of its individuality
  • A rare matte dial, a tribute to timeless elegance
  • Bezels faded to a captivating blue, a reflection of evolution
  • Solid link Oyster bracelet 93150 with correct 501B endlinks, a union of heritage and innovation
  • Each detail meticulously inspected by our watchmaker, a guardian of excellence
  • Remainder of the Rolex service warranty, a testament to its quality
  • Accompanied by a bespoke handmade leather watch pouch, an ode to craftsmanship
  • Elevating the experience, complimentary worldwide Fedex Priority shipping

In this transitional masterpiece, the lineage of Rolex intertwines with the currents of time, creating a legacy that resonates through generations. As you embrace the Transitional Submariner, you embrace an evolution of elegance, a testament to the craftsmanship that defines Rolex's horological journey.

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