Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Ref.5508 Small Crown from 1958

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Do Not Be Deceived by the Modest Crown – Behold the Resilient Submariner...

Amongst the illustrious lineage of Rolex dive watches, few are as coveted as the no-crown-guards Submariner. A pinnacle of desire for aficionados and collectors alike, these timepieces, affectionately referred to as small-crown models, boast 6mm crowns elegantly set upon cases that lack the protective shoulders found on their later counterparts. A marvel of engineering, this particular specimen, dating back to 1958, epitomizes the essence of this category.

Enveloped in an aura of timeless elegance, this watch features the much-revered gilt dial, an exquisite canvas that comes to life when kissed by the sun's rays. The dial's radiance is nothing short of breathtaking, a sight that defies description and can only be truly appreciated in person. The watch's casing stands as a testament to its preservation, retaining the original factory lines that speak volumes about its impeccable condition. An equally splendid insert graces the watch, further accentuating its allure.

Nestled comfortably upon the wrist, this timepiece exudes an air of refined style that is difficult to ignore. The rivet bracelet, a reference 7206 dating back to 1958, adds a touch of classic sophistication, with the clasp bearing the distinguished mark of the year 1958, echoing its storied origins.

Rest assured, this Submariner has undergone a thorough servicing by our masterful watchmaker, ensuring that it operates with the precision and excellence that Rolex timepieces are renowned for. In a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, the watch is accompanied by a one-year mechanical warranty, a guarantee of its enduring performance.

Enhancing the experience, a meticulously handcrafted single leather watch pouch is provided, exuding a sense of luxury that befits this horological masterpiece. As a final flourish of convenience and distinction, we offer complimentary worldwide FedEx Priority shipping, delivering this exceptional timepiece directly to your doorstep.

Technical Particulars:

  • Rolex Submariner Reference 5508
  • Serialized 400xxx, originating from the year 1958
  • Exquisite dial exhibiting captivating small geiger reaction
  • Immaculate insert contributing to the watch's allure
  • Accompanied by an Oyster rivet bracelet, reference 7206, with a hallmark of 1958
  • Meticulously serviced by our skilled watchmaker, attesting to its flawless functionality
  • Supported by a one-year mechanical warranty, a testament to its enduring quality
  • Presented with a meticulously handcrafted single leather watch pouch
  • Complimentary worldwide FedEx Priority shipping, a mark of convenience and luxury intertwined

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